Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Board 1: Seville Parasol

Our field trip throughout Spain earlier in the semester wasn't just for fun; Sophia and Yoel put us to work! At our last stoop in Sevilla, students were assigned the first board of the semester. Students worked in pairs and had to analyze how the Seville Parasol interacts with the city while simultaneously developing a teamwork strategy as there was less than two hours allotted for the on-site project. The results were as follows:

Matthew Simeone + Devon Brophy

Valentine Catapano + Nathalia De Vera


Kelly Foley + Daniel Ruck

Zach Caplette + Sarah Gordon

Mike Egnor + Magalie Goor

Andrew Lionikis + Miguel Novillo

Isabel Lopez-Font + Alexandra Stuckey

Maria Maloy + Carissa Stinson